Regular Liturgy Services

Father Frank Pellerin, A.S.C. has taken up full time residence at the Monastery and conducts regular liturgy services. He is developing plans for a teaching ministry addressing contemporary issues while remaining true to Catholic doctrine. Father Pellerin is assisted by Father Albert MacPherson, O.S.A. who conducts a monthly healing Mass on the last Friday of each month while serving as Director of Our Lady of Grace Shrine.

Father Frank Pellerin, A.S.C.

Born in Montreal, Quebec but with family roots in Larry’s River, Guysborough County, Father Frank Pellerin, A.S.C. was ordained to the priesthood in 1985. He was engaged in pastoral ministry until being recruited by the Canadian military in 1990. For twenty years until 2010, Fr. Pellerin received postings as a Military Chaplain numerous bases across Canada and around the world. He retired from the military in 2010 and relocated to Nova Scotia where he served in several Halifax area parishes until 2019 when he once again retired in 2019.

Father Albert MacPherson, O.S.A.

For over 30 years, Father Albert MacPherson, O.S.A., has traveled the globe on a healing mission. Born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada, in 1941 into a family of thirteen children, Father joined the Order of Saint Augustine in 1962, and was ordained to priesthood in 1974. After fourteen years of experience in spiritual renewal work, including ten years of pastoral experience in parishes in Ontario, New York, and Florida, Father MacPherson began full-time healing ministry in 1983. Father MacPherson has given healing missions throughout the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, Asia and the Caribbean Islands.


A Divine Mercy Retreat weekend with Moira Noonan was held the weekend of April 21st, 2023 and additional events and retreats will be taking place over the coming months.

Hurricane Fiona Damage

Our Lady of Grace Shrine did not escape the ravages of Hurricane Fiona in September, 2022. There was significant erosion to the walkways and a number of fallen trees and broken branches. The Shrine will require remediation work in advance of the annual rosary procession to the Chapel of Saint Anne in July, 2023.

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