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Your donation is tax deductible and will help preserve a significant historic property in Nova Scotia, allowing the Augustinian Sisters to continue their charitable work and spiritual support that is so critical to our community.

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Ways You Can Help

If you have already made a donation and you would like to do more to help save Our Lady of Grace Monastery, here are a few ways you can help:

Spread the word! This is one of the best ways to help. People can't help if they don't know about the sale of the monastery or its historical significance.

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If you are a business or individual and think you may be able to donate infrastructure, materials, resources or services that will be required once the purchase of the monastery has been secured, please contact us. For details, see: Chapel and Retreat House Structures.

Thank you for helping The Augustinian Contemplative Nuns Society save and preserve the historic monastery and continue their important mission here in Antigonish County, Nova Scotia, Canada.

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Domenic Vetro

$100.00 April 29, 2022

Serge De-Serres


$500.00 April 8, 2022

Louis Palmer

$50.00 March 12, 2022

Lorraine Cote

Lorraine Cote

$500.00 November 19, 2021

Marianna Kubat

$50.00 October 20, 2021

Jordan McKinnon

$200.00 July 28, 2021

Suzanne DeCarolis

Let The Light In Ministry

$50.00 July 17, 2021

Suzanne DeCarolis

Let The Light In Ministry

$50.00 July 11, 2021

Suzanne DeCarolis

Let The Light In Ministry

$25.00 June 14, 2021

Aaron Glover

$100.00 May 31, 2021

Sherry Brown

$150.00 May 29, 2021

Domenic Vetro

$100.00 May 1, 2021

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